Welcome to the Statics Lessons Home Page

This page was developed to provide students with a basic overview of statics. We have broken statics up into 6 statics lessons, or statics tutorials. While lessons may contain more than one webpage, each lesson is focused on a single topic within statics. The topics include vectors, sum of forces, three dimensional sum of forces, moments, trusses, and distributed loads. While these lessons do not completely encompass all of statics, they do cover most of the statics basics and if learned will provide a solid statics knowledge base. You can find links to each of the statics lessons below this paragraph.

Lesson 1:statics tutorials
Unit Vectors
Cos Angles
Lesson 2:statics tutorials
Sum of Forces
Sum of Forces 2
Lesson 3:
3D Sum of Forces

Lesson 4:statics tutorials
Moments 2
Lesson 5:statics tutorials
Method of Joints
Method of Sections
Lesson 6:
Distributed Load